About APO

The Nelson Sisters

American Pony Outfitters is a business that we dreamed up in the backseat of our mom’s SUV. We know how expensive horseback riding is, and we wanted to do our part to help with the costs. We decided there was a need for equestrian T-shirts that were cute and comfortable and that fit the basic needs of all riders. We are homeschooled, so part of our schoolwork was creating a business plan and, of course, a name. A few months later, with continuous help and support from our family, APO is now a reality. We are so excited and ready to become young businesswomen. Our company was inspired by our deep love of horses and the equestrian art. We hope all our customers can find as much happiness and satisfaction through our company as we do.

—The Nelson Sisters


 Lucy Nelson 

My name is Lucy and I am a co-founder of American Pony Outfitters.  I’m 15 years old and I have been riding since I was four.  I have a 14 year old, dark bay, off the track thoroughbred gelding named Willie.  Together, we compete in eventing and Pony Club. I also enjoy fox hunting with my grandmother’s sassy haflinger named Patty.


Libby Nelson

My name is Libby and I am a co-founder of American Pony Outfitters. I am 12 years old and totally horse crazy.  I have been riding since I was born.  My pony’s name is Gabe and he is an 12 year old, 14 hand gelding.  Although Gabe and I love to event, we have tried everything from fox hunting, to polocrosse, to the occasional yoga pose on my bareback pad.


Sophie Nelson

My name is Sophie, I am 7 years old, and I have been riding my whole life. I have a pony named Chex and he is 13.2 hands and 13 years old. I like to trot by myself and go on trail rides. 

APO Equestrian T-shirts - Sophie - Chex