Our Ambassadors

We know that many of you out there share our passion and we’d like to invite you join the APO team as an official American Pony Outfitter Ambassador. Click here for details and become an Ambassador today!


Lilly W.

I am D3 in De La Brooke Pony Club. I lease a 15.3 hand draft cross mare named Ronja. Ronja and I enjoy eventing, fox hunting and trail riding. Though I also participate in many pony club rallies. I support APO because I love their T-shirt designs, colors, and their hats are the best. Also, the fact that it’s run by three sisters makes it very interesting. 

Lilly W. - American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Mackenzie M.

I am a twelve year old 6th grader and I love going on trail rides. I mainly jump my chestnut pony named JD. He is 13.3 hands. The highest I have jumped is 2ft 6in. I've been riding for a little bit more than a year. I support APO because it's a sister and girl run business. I love APO because they have comfy and adorably designed clothes.

Mackenzie M. - American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Hayley S.
My name is Hayley and I am an ambassador of American Pony Outfitters. I am twelve years old and I have been riding my whole life. I have a 14 hand, pinto pony gelding, named Banjo. Banjo and I do a little bit of everything including pony club, eventing, foxhunting, trail rides, and even gymkhana. I support American Pony Outfitters because I love the horse related catchy sayings on the shirts and the soft materials the shirts are made of.
Hayley S. - American Pony Outfitter Ambassador


Regan S.
My name is Regan and I am 13. Currently, I lease a hunter paint named Checkers. We are on the search for a horse and have a possible option. I have been riding for 2 years and have recently moved barns. I show in 2’3 hunters and hope to move up with my new horse. I live in Arizona and show in the local circuit but I will go out of state this summer. I love the cute designs that American Pony Outfitters has to offer. I would love to represent such an incredible company.
Regan M.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador



Claire H.

My name is Claire and I am 14 years old. I started horseback riding lessons about five years ago, a year later, I then started showing in the hunter division and leased an appaloosa pony named Jack. I just started doing eventing this year and have been loving it ever since. I also bought my first horse named Urban. I love American Pony Outfitters because their t-shirts are so cute, super soft, and super durable. Usually when people say t-shirts it brings back the nightmares of itchy, hard and uncomfortable fabric, but with APO that's not the case. I love their t-shirts so much and the horse inspired sayings on the back are so creative and cute. What I also like about APO is that it is run by three sisters and that really inspires me.

Claire H. American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Eco M.

My name is Eco and I am 15 years old. I am currently riding a 6 y/o Dutch Warmblood gelding named Geronimo (aka Gerry). In 2017 I won the children’s pony medal finals in Arizona as well as the champion in children’s pony hunter. I have been riding since I was 1 1/2 years old, so I have basically grown up around horses. I love how American Pony Outfitters gives incredible options on cute shirts, hats, and more! 

Eco M.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Thea S.

My name is Thea and am 12 years old and in 7th grade in Arizona.  My lease just ended and I am currently in the process of looking for a large pony or small horse. I have been riding since I was 3 years old. I am hunter in the 2'6" ring and moving up soon. I love American Pony Outfitters because they have a cute selection of tees, hats, and more. I love the opportunity of being able to represent this amazing company.
Thea S.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador 

Kailie P.

My name is Kailie and I'm 16. My horse is a 5 year old KWPN named Gracia. I have been riding for around 7 years, but I've only been jumping for around 5 of them. I have shown mostly in the 2'6" hunters due to the fact that I have been constantly switched from horse to horse, but I hope Gracia can take me further. I support American Pony Outfitters not only for the absolutely adorably designed apparel, but because these products come at a price that allows everyone to enjoy it.

Kailie P.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Marion H. 

My name is Marion. I'm 15 and 1/2 years old. I've been riding since I was 4. I currently ride a 17.2 hand Clydesdale named Simon at my Courageous Hearts Horsemanship. I have ridden English before, but I've been riding western for about 8 months. I currently trot and canter. I really like APO because they have fun shirts, they're made out of 100% cotton, and I think it's cool that it's run by 3 three girls!

Marion H-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador  

















 Kaity H.

My name is Kaity I'm a 14 year old high school freshman. I am homeschooled but take college classes through our school, and run track and cross country. I own a 13 hh bay pony mare. I have owned her for 6 years but I've only been riding seriously for 2 1/2 years. We both love jumping hunters and we have jumped up to 2' 6". I love that their t-shirts are funny and not super expensive! 

Kaity H.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Krystal R.

My name is Krystal. I own one horse, a pony and two minis. And I lease a horse as well!  My pony I have had for 5 years, she is a 14.2hh North American sport pony her name is Scarlett aka Scarlett Ohara. My horse I own I have had for almost a year, she is a 16.3hh trakhner, her name is Summer aka Herbstlicher Sommer. The horse I lease is a 17hh Canadian Warmblood and her name is Ali aka Rio’s Alberta. My minis names are Midnight and Spirit and we rescued Spirit from a nasty home! Midnight came from the Amish so he pulls a cart! The horses I would be manly representing your brands with is Scarlett and Ali considering those will be the only two I will be showing! I am a hunter/jumper rider! I will be showing A Circuit and Trillium this year so many places to represent APO! One of my biggest accomplishments was qualifying for the Royal Winter Fair and winning a third and fourth! I hope to qualify for the Royal again this year! I have been riding for 8 years. The thing I like the most about American Pony Outfitters is the community revolves around it, everybody is so supportive and kind it made me want to be part of the family that has been built with this brand! I also love the creations of American Pony Outfitters, from the shirts to the hats it’s all very unique and something I am proud to represent! 

Krystal R.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Olivia T.

My name is Olivia, I'm 13 years old. I started riding when I was 7 and we lived in Florida. Now we are in New York. I have two horses, a 3 year old 13.2hh Welsh Pony Quarter Horse cross named Hattie that I'm breaking. And an almost 2 year old mini horse, Delilah who I do in hand work with. Last August I also had Delilah is our local parade. I also ride one of my instructor's ponies, Oreo. We don't know what breed she is but she's about 14hh. This past summer I did five shows with her. This was my first show season. We did quite well getting mostly 1st and 3rd overall. We did mostly walk/trot and one WTC. We also did a few trail classes, cross rail and pole classes. The rest were flat. I like alot about American Pony Outfitters but to name a few... I like that some of the designs are things that teens that aren't horsey kind of understand an can make people laugh. (Such as the whip neigh neigh)I also like that it is run by sisters that came up with it themselves. American Pony Outfitters is just an all around awesome company with really cool designs. 

Olivia T.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador



















 Sammie W.

My name is Sammie, I am 16 and a C1 Trad/Flat in Annapolis Pony Club. I own a 13 year old OTTB named Bourbon Air (his barn name is Circuit) which I event on. I love to also do mounted games, show jumping, and polocrosse. Riding has been my passion since I was 4 years old. Ever since my best friend and her sisters started this business, I have loved all of their products and supported them all the way. they have done a marvelous job creating a great brand that people of all ages and disciplines can enjoy!

Sammie W.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Brooke B.

I am 13 and have been riding for several years and have been taking lessons for 4. I have a pony named Tang and he is 14.1 hands and is a gelding, I really like the apparel that I have seen on their website and really appreciate the opportunity to represent APO in Georgia.

Brooke B.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Michayla G.

 I'm 14 years old. I have been riding for a little over 2 years. My horse is a 24 year old Walkaloosa gelding named Reno. He is a trail horse deluxe but I'm bringing him along in gaited dressage. We are hoping to do more shows in the near future. APO is a great company. I really like the designs on the t-shirts that you have to offer.

Michayala G.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador



















Ella O.

I’m 12 years old. I currently don't have a horse but I am starting at a new barn soon so I’m sure there will be a horse I consider mine! I have been riding saddle seat and hunter for six years. I like American Pony Outfitters because you all are so unique!

Ella O.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador













Alexis G.

I'm 14 years old. I've been riding for a little over 2 years and enjoy trail riding and dressage. I own a registered Quarter Horse gelding named Billy and I'm a member of AQHA. Billy and I entered our first show together in February and we are hoping to do a lot more. APO is a wonderful company that produces amazing shirts and hats which is why I would want to support this fantastic company.  

Alexis G.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador



















Avery P.

I’m eleven years old! I have a eleven year large pony mare named “Seaborne’s Eriennach” or Sea.B, and an eight year old medium mare called “catch the rainbow” or skittles but is currently leased out. I’m in SS and do hunters and eq. I’ve been riding for a year now and I couldn’t imagine myself without it! I found out what APO was in a magazine and I absolutely loved the shirts, so I got myself one! It’s so cool how three sisters came up with American Pony Outfitters!

Avery P.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


 Alayna G.

I am 15 years old. I have been riding for two years. I took riding lessons when I was six but had to quit since my riding instructor moved away. I stopped riding until my family purchased our horse, Avery. Avery is a twelve-year-old Morgan cross pony. He is trained in dressage and loves going for rides. He also loves the occasional Laffy Taffy. I ride mainly dressage with Avery, but I love going on trail rides with him. I had my first dressage show this summer with Avery and we were accepted into Dressage4Kids this year. I also own a 2007 Miniature Horse named Neville and he's just as crazy as Avery. I love American Pony Outfitters because it is owned by homeschooled sisters. I'm homeschooled, so it really inspires me. I also really love that I can wear APO t-shirts anywhere-- the barn, church, grocery stores and just about everywhere else!


Macy E. 

I’m Macy and i’m 14 years old. I ride a draft paint named Trinidad (Trini for short). I have not been riding him for very long, but plan to event and show with him. I have been riding for about 3 years, eventing, competing in local shows, and fox hunting. I also participate in pony club, and hope to continue riding through out college. I love and support APO because they supply unique and comfortable t-shirts, hoodies, and hats. These amazing products are super stylish and can be worn everywhere from the barn to school.

Macy E.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Bailee U.

 I am 7 years old.  I have been riding and taking lessons since I was almost 4.  Just recently I started showing and I LOVE it!  I currently ride a pony named April.  I show mainly in the leadline division and the beginner walk trot.  I just started jumping over small crossrails and it's so much fun!  I love the APO tshirts because they are so comfy and really funny!  I also love the hats!
Bailee U.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Jocelyn A.

I’m 21 years old. I have an [unraced] 2003 Thoroughbred mare Nothin’butthetruth (Libby) by Steuart Pittmans late stallion Salute The Truth. I got her when she was green broke 10yr old in 2014 and started her in classical dressage, under the guidance of my trainer Linda Stainer. We have schooled dressage through 1st & some second level movements and tested in Intro and training level scoring in the mid to high 70s. We have started jumping in the last 2 years schooling 2’7” - 3’ in stadium and cross country. Just this year a became a member of USEA and De La Brooke Pony Club. I’ve been riding my entire life and got my first pony when I was 3. I apprenticed under Linda Stainer for 8 years, riding and training lesson horses, giving and assisting in riding lessons in addition to assisting in the care of a 20 horse barn. I’m a full time college student and work part time so my riding time is a bit more limited but I still find time to ride at least 3-4 times a week. I support APO because they have great quality products at an affordable price with cute catchy sayings that are perfect for any horse loving person of any discipline! The shipping is always super quick and it’s a company created and run by girls, which I think is great. 

Jocelyn A.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador



















Danielle K.

I’m 25 years old. My pony's name is McDreamy. He is a Dutch Warmblood. My trainer has had him since 2008. She told me that he loves me so much than any of the other people who have ridden him. She told me he choose me to become his rider so I got him on Christmas. His favorite treat is bananas! I’ve been riding since I was 7 years old. I used to do therapy riding, until I got good enough that I move on to big Eq. I love American Pony Outfitters. So much cute stuff to buy. I would wear it to school, my barn and anywhere I go. I even tell my barn friends to buy their stuff.

Danielle K.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Bria P.

I’m 14 years old. I currently do not own or lease a horse, but I’m hoping to lease the horse I always ride. His name is Leo. He’s an OTTB and in the 15 hand range. I have been riding for almost 3 years. I am a hunter jumper, jumping about 2’3-2’6, and hope to start learning dressage. I love American Pony Outfitters because the designs are simple, but extremely cute. 

Bria P.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Eve V.

I am 10 years old. I lease a 14 hand Haflinger pony named Candee. She is the best pony I have ever ridden; she loves to eat marshmallows and donuts and she loves to jump. When I ride, I normally jump in the arena. But on nice days, my instructor likes to take my lesson out cross country. I have been riding for almost 6 years. I like that APO has lots of different clothes in lots of different colors. I also like that there are clothes for all of the seasons.

Eve V.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Ava W.

I’m 12. I have 2 ponies. My first pony is What’s the Scoop, aka Reeva. Reeve is a 8 year old German Sport Pony that we bought last year. Reeve loves jumping and eating! I like to call her my MooCow! Reeva and I have done some eventing, dressage, 4- H shows and Pony Club events. I am hoping that Reeva and I will have a LONG future together. She is an amazing pony and we have had fun learning together. My other pony is Peppermint Patty. She was my show pony before Reeva. Patty loves me very much and we have had some pretty awesome experiences too. I joined De La Brooke Pony Club a little over a year ago, and Patty was my only option. So, Patty had to do eventing rally and more! Patty is a good sport and usually lets me try these things, but she draws the line at Cross Country! She flat out says, “NO!” This past Fall, I tried Peppermint Patty as a fox hunting pony, and she had a great time. I love to go fox hunting with my friends Sophie and Sammy! The three of us all have great fox hunting ponies! I started riding at about 12 months old! My first pony was Misty. Mostly, I just sat there and smiled! Next, I moved “up” to Max, but Max is actually smaller then Misty. Max was fun. I learned to trot and canter on Max. I also learned to jump and trail ride with Max. My biggest event with Max was getting to ride him around the track at Pimlico in Baltimore. After finally admitting that I had outgrown Max and bouncing around on a few ponies, I finally settled with Peppermint Patty. Patty and I have a neat bond and she really let me try every type of riding. I rode Patty at the fair, 4-H shows and more. My favorite event with Peppermint Patty was at Loch Moy. We completed the dressage and show jumping phases with great scores. I had never been so happy about our rides. Sadly - it ended in the Cross Country phase, but I still had a great day and felt successful in most parts! Realizing that Peppermint Patty isn’t really a fan of jumping, the search was on for a pony that liked to jump a little more! We found Reeva! Reeve loves to jump. And, we have had a lot of fun learning how to jump together. It’s nice to have a pony that doesn’t stop before the fence. I have big plans for Reeva in the future. American Pony Outfitters have cute designs and the perfect style to ride in. I wear them almost every time I ride. The colors are cute and the shirts are soft. They are my FAVORITE! My favorite t-shirt is the Maryland shirt. I have made the colors my eventing colors, so that t-shirt is perfect for me. 

Ava W.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Charlotte E.

I am 14 years old. I lease a pony named Patty. She is a 14.2 hand Haflinger and she is 17 years old. I am in pony club and I am a C1. I have been riding for 7 years. What I like about American Pony Outfitters is that their products are comfortable and that there is a very big variety of styles and colors.

Charlotte E.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Hannah P.

I’m 18 years old. Skye is a registered appendix QH, she’s a spunky red headed chestnut who’s turning 23 in June and we do local shows like Mounted Wanderers and BEST on top of Eventing in MD and VA. I’ve been riding for 14 years now and I love APO! All their products are so cute. 

Hannah P.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


London M.

I am 6 and I absolutely love APO!! I received my first hoodie and tee shirt this past Christmas and I wear them everywhere! I lease a super cute & fancy pony named Shenandoah Jasmine and will be showing her in mini stirrup this year! I also have a pony at home named Rockin’ Hot Chili Pepper that I trail ride and hack a lot! My favorite thing to do is jump and I loves getting dressed up for my shows! My goals are to make it to pony finals with Jasmine & to be a big equitation rider one day.

London M.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


 Brielle F.

I am 9 turning 10 in July. I've been training and riding a pony named Kettle Korn. He is a tri-color paint, American Walking Pony gelding. He is scared of some things. When he first came to the farm where I ride, Safe Haven Farm in Sykesville, MD, I was the one to train him. We go to shows together. I am on the training and show teams at SHF. I've been riding for 2 years. In shows, I do short stirrup equitation and crossrail hunter. In practice, I canter, canter over jumps, walk, trot, and do groundwork training. One time, I even tried vaulting and got to stand on a horse! I really like your designs. Also, I love horses and ponies. I think it is cool how you work with your sisters and you all have a job. I read about you in Blaze magazine.

Brielle F.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador



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