Our Ambassadors

We know that many of you out there share our passion and we’d like to invite you join the APO team as an official American Pony Outfitter Ambassador. Click here for details and become an Ambassador today!


Lilly W.

I am D3 in De La Brooke Pony Club. I lease a 15.3 hand draft cross mare named Ronja. Ronja and I enjoy eventing, fox hunting and trail riding. Though I also participate in many pony club rallies. I support APO because I love their T-shirt designs, colors, and their hats are the best. Also, the fact that it’s run by three sisters makes it very interesting. 

Lilly W. - American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Mackenzie M.

I am a twelve year old 6th grader and I love going on trail rides. I mainly jump my chestnut pony named JD. He is 13.3 hands. The highest I have jumped is 2ft 6in. I've been riding for a little bit more than a year. I support APO because it's a sister and girl run business. I love APO because they have comfy and adorably designed clothes.

Mackenzie M. - American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Hayley S.
My name is Hayley and I am an ambassador of American Pony Outfitters. I am twelve years old and I have been riding my whole life. I have a 14 hand, pinto pony gelding, named Banjo. Banjo and I do a little bit of everything including pony club, eventing, foxhunting, trail rides, and even gymkhana. I support American Pony Outfitters because I love the horse related catchy sayings on the shirts and the soft materials the shirts are made of.
Hayley S. - American Pony Outfitter Ambassador


Regan S.
My name is Regan and I am 13. Currently, I lease a hunter paint named Checkers. We are on the search for a horse and have a possible option. I have been riding for 2 years and have recently moved barns. I show in 2’3 hunters and hope to move up with my new horse. I live in Arizona and show in the local circuit but I will go out of state this summer. I love the cute designs that American Pony Outfitters has to offer. I would love to represent such an incredible company.
Regan M.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Claire H.

My name is Claire and I am 14 years old. I started horseback riding lessons about five years ago, a year later, I then started showing in the hunter division and leased an appaloosa pony named Jack. I just started doing eventing this year and have been loving it ever since. I also bought my first horse named Urban. I love American Pony Outfitters because their t-shirts are so cute, super soft, and super durable. Usually when people say t-shirts it brings back the nightmares of itchy, hard and uncomfortable fabric, but with APO that's not the case. I love their t-shirts so much and the horse inspired sayings on the back are so creative and cute. What I also like about APO is that it is run by three sisters and that really inspires me.

Claire H. American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Eco M.

My name is Eco and I am 15 years old. I am currently riding a 6 y/o Dutch Warmblood gelding named Geronimo (aka Gerry). In 2017 I won the children’s pony medal finals in Arizona as well as the champion in children’s pony hunter. I have been riding since I was 1 1/2 years old, so I have basically grown up around horses. I love how American Pony Outfitters gives incredible options on cute shirts, hats, and more! 

Eco M.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Thea S.

My name is Thea and am 12 years in the 7th grade in Arizona.  My lease just ended and I am currently in the process of looking for a large pony or small horse. I have been riding since I was 3 years old. I am hunter in the 2'6" ring and moving up soon. I love American Pony Outfitters because they have a cute selection of tees, hats, and more. I love the opportunity of being able to represent this amazing company.
Thea S.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador 

 Kailie P.

My name is Kailie and I'm 16. My horse is a 5 year old KWPN named Gracia. I have been riding for around 7 years, but I've only been jumping for around 5 of them. I have shown mostly in the 2'6" hunters due to the fact that I have been constantly switched from horse to horse, but I hope Gracia can take me further. I hope to support American Pony Outfitters not only for the absolutely adorably designed apparel, but because these products come at a price that allows everyone to enjoy it.

Kailie P.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador


Marion H. 

My name is Marion. I'm 15 and 1/2 years old. I've been riding since I was 4. I currently ride a 17.2 hand Clydesdale named Simon at my Courageous Hearts Horsemanship. I have ridden English before, but I've been riding western for about 8 months. I currently trot and canter. I really like APO because they have fun shirts, they're made out of 100% cotton, and I think it's cool that it's run by 3 three girls!

Marion H-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador  

















 Kaity H.

My name is Kaity I'm a 14 year old high school freshman. I am homeschooled but take college classes through our school, and run track and cross country. I own a 13 hh bay pony mare. I have owned her for 6 years but I've only been riding seriously for 2 1/2 years. We both love jumping hunters and we have jumped up to 2' 6". I love that their t-shirts are funny and not super expensive! 

Kaity H.-American Pony Outfitters Ambassador



How can you become an Ambassador?  Send us an email at ambassador@americanponyoutfitters.com and answer the following questions:

  • Tell us your name and age.
  • Tell us about your horse or pony.
  • Tell us about your riding activities and how long you've been riding.
  • What do you like about American Pony Outfitters?

If you are under 18 years of age, please download our Photo Release Form and have your parent/legal guardian sign and include the signed release in your email.

When you hear back from us with our offers and approval, you can begin wearing and posting!